University/Yliopisto | Year One [launching workshop], ODD gallery, Bucharest (Romania), July 2015.


2008_THE CURATOR’S SCHOOL | Series of experimental laboratories, masterclasses and lectures curated by Rogério Nuno Costa in collaboration with performing and visual artists, thinkers and educators from Portugal. The first draft of the “University” manifesto was collectively written during this laboratory. At Circular – Performing Arts Festival, Vila do Conde (Portugal). Webpage

2008-09_UNIVERSITY: DOGMA | Two-year masterclass and workshop for Choreography MA and Dance BA students at Hogeschool voor den Kunsten, Arnhem (The Netherlands). Webpage

2010_BIG CURATOR IS WATCHING YOU! | Atelier Real (Lisbon, Portugal), “Documentation as an Artistic Practice” + Circular – Performing Arts Festival (Vila do Conde, Portugal).

2011, University: Dogma, Faculdade de Letras, University of Coimbra (Portugal).

2012, (Artistic) Residency + Realpolitik, Teatro-Cine de Torres Vedras + Espaço do Tempo + CITAC (Torres Vedras, Montemor-o-Novo, Coimbra).

2013, Dogma Kids I, NEC/Matosinhos.

2013-14, Third Way/Kolmas Tie (Part I: Thesis), NEC + Circular + Lisboa 1 + Lisboa 2

2013-14, Public Domain + Visiting Artists, Fábrica de Movimentos.


2015, Third Way/Kolmas Tie (Part II: Antithesis), END/Coimbra + mala voadora + CAAA + Rua Das Gaivotas6.

2015, CLUSTER #1 — E-Motional Festival, ODD Gallery & Modulab, Gabriela Tudor Foundation, Bucharest (Romania) workshop + A Prison Without Walls (final lecture)

2016, Third Way/Kolmas Tie (Part III: Synthesis), Festival Teatro Construção (Joane) + Armazém 22 + Teatro Sá da Bandeira.

2016, University/Yliopisto (working group), desNorte, TNSJ.

2016, Copywrong (workshop), Future Places Festival, Porto (Portugal).

2016, CLUSTER #2 — Aalto University, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Espoo (Finland). Prototype: Context, Site & Situation — working group + installation + lecture-performance-manifesto

2016, Third Way/Kolmas Tie (Part IV: Meta-Thesis), Aalto University.

2016, Performing for Drawing Club

2016, Dogma Kids II, BCN


2017, Lippakioski, curated by Neme Ruiz

2017, Non-Thinking — Aalto.

2017, Dogma 2005, Words & Spaces Studio

2017, Third Way/Kolmas Tie (Part IV: Meta-Thesis), Itse Kolmantena + Madeira.

2017, Maunula Looks, Aalto Dialogue

2017, The Academy As Performance (group discussion), Aalto

2017, Copywrong (performance-as-tool), Future Places Festival, Porto (Portugal).

2017, CLUSTER #3 — Porta33, Madeira.

2017, Dogma Kids III, BCN

2018, Aalto Multiversity, Whose History Is It Anyway?, Learning Centre.

2018, ViCCA Variety Show: the academy as performance, Aalto University.

2018, Copywrong (performance-as-tool), Creative Commons Summit, Toronto (Canada).

2018, RECURSO: materclass on lecture-performances

2018, UNFINISHED | The Academy As Performance (Summer School), A22.


2019, Third Way/Kolmas Tie (Part IV: Meta-Thesis), Festival Periferias, Sintra + Festival Política, Braga.

2019, UNFINISHED | The Academy As Performance II (Summer School), A22

2019, CLUSTER #4 — mala voadora/NIEP.

2020, CLUSTER #5 — centro em movimento: FIA

2020/21, Reclamar Tempo: …

2020, (Artistic) Residency: proposal for a multiversity, UM

2021, Writing for performance vs. Writing as performance, END+, Viseu

2021 (May), Multiversity (performance), Rua das Gaivotas6


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