A workshop

A conference-performance

A participatory virtual installation


A creation experience to clarify the dos and don’ts of copyright rules and how to turn don’ts in dos. The workshop is part of a co-creation process towards the conference-performance and the virtual installation, which aim to be an education tool for artists who are constantly dealing, simply ignoring or cleverly overcoming issues of copyright. The idea is to bring in the artists’ own experiences (good or bad), discuss them and produce a short performance in the end. The whole experience will also be filmed and distributed online under CC license.

Included in the Year One of University | Yliopisto, COPYWRONG is a project by Rogério Nuno Costa, Daniel Pinheiro, Fátima São Simão & Teresa Nobre, with the collaboration of many scholars, artists and thinkers from many artistic and non-artistic fields. Next presentations:

Creative Commons Europe Meeting, Lisbon (Portugal), 30th September – 2nd October 2016 [showcase]

Future Places | Citizen Lab, Porto (Portugal), 19th – 22nd October 2016 [workshop]

— COPYWRONG, Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal), 20th-21st January 2017, Armazém 22 [workshop]

Creative Commons International Meeting, Toronto (Canada), April 2017 [demonstration/performance-as-tool]

University | Yliopisto feat. Baldio | performance studies, Porto (Portugal), October/November 2017 [group research project/Cluster #3]


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