Following an interest in a group of concepts that circle around the major theme of territoriality, — identity, place, exoticness, remoteness, possession, nomadism, sitespecificity, UNIVERSITY | YLIOPISTO will enclose a both virtual and physical platform built upon educational and research-oriented activities, where meaning is collectively produced towards the creation of a meta-narrative about Art and the means of artistic production. The project is meant to build a universal “meta-academy” that will comprise a series of workshops and masterclasses, group sessions, and lectures. Despite their theoretical approach, most of those activities will be highly performative and interactive, and are envisioned to happen inside the frame of cultural and/or academic institutions. The goal is to collect information and compile a data base of ideas and solutions for the creation of a trans-national and trans-disciplinary “university”, whose main subject is to reflect upon the sense of “universal knowledge” itself, that is, a self-referential university. Taking VIRALITY as an operational tool to understand the power of new technologies and social media in nowadays’ society, all activities produced and promoted under the scope of University should be over-portable, over-shareable and over-spreadable.

The results of this durational laboratory (textual, visual and performative) will be systematized and published in an online interactive “magazine” each year, an object meant to provoke the reader with a sort of preparatory set of statements that are the foundations of University. An ongoing “collaborative text” will highlight the concepts of coparticipation and co-responsability within a non-hierarchical system.

Grounded on the concept of “post-artistic thinking” (or the idea of an art that comes after its death, a post-post-art), University is therefore a pedagogical laboratory for the building from scratch of an altermodern university sustained by a learning system purposefully created for the critical reflection of a vast plethora of meta-artistic subjects: mashup aesthetics, virality, copywright (and copywrong), Peta-Byte culture, quantum philosophy (and also lo-fi –sophy), science-based science (and also art-based art), cyber-terrorism, aPOPcalyptical studies, queer epistemology, proto-academia, applied interdisciplinarity (and also anti-specialization studies), non-human creativity, post-human medievalism, and a brand new set of operational concepts to be announced as new avant-gardes (or new -isms).

Throughout four academic stages (Years One, Two, Three and Four) and a final documental assessment (Year Five), research will be understood as a practice, not necessarily an “artistic” one, and a unified set of cross-disciplinary knowledge will be compiled under the scope of a manifesto titled AESTH(ETHICS)™.

For a full overview of themes (statements, hypothesis, assumptions, interrogations) that have inspired this project through its preliminary stage (Year Zero, 2012/15), please read the text “Never skip the intro, stay there!”.


Photo: University | Year One [workshop], ODD gallery, Bucharest (Romania), July 2015.