artwork © Jani Nummela

Durational and collaborative meta-academic project for the physical and virtual building of a trans-national and trans-artistic multiversity. A non-school where we can learn how to annul Art by the means of art itself. An experimental laboratory to test Pop™ as the ultimate cultural appropriation. A keynote lecture titled “Laziness as the new avantgarde”. An intensive workshop about Kopimism. A cooltural magazine. And a demagogic, finlandized political party funding the whole thing.

Curator & Editor: Rogério Nuno Costa

ONGOING _ Year Three: Multiversity


  • 1-11 September 2020 | (Artistic) Residency | Theatre and Performance Laboratory for the Major in Theatre at Minho University (Guimarães, Portugal) mentored by Rogério Nuno Costa in collaboration with the students.
  • November 2020 | Multiversity – The Academy As Performance | Lecture-Performance/Thesis Defense at Aalto University (Espoo, Finland).
  • January 2021 | Multiversity – The Academy As Performance | Lecture-Performance at Rua das Gaivotas6 (Lisbon, Portugal).

© Cátia Cóias, University/Yliopisto YEAR ZERO, 2012.
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