UNIVERSITY | YLIOPISTO [2015/2020] is a durational meta-project for the building of a virtual, trans-national and trans-artistic multiversity. A self-referential school where we can learn how to annul Art by the means of art itself. A laboratory to test Pop as the ultimate cultural appropriation. A master class titled “Laziness as the new avant-garde”. An intensive workshop about Kopimism. A cooltural magazine. And a very demagogic, finlandized and prophyla(r)ctic political party to fund the whole thing.

After three years of research taking place between two countries (Portugal and Finland, 2012/15) which culminated with the presentation of Rogério Nuno Costa‘s conference-performance “Third Way/Kolmas Tie”, the University|Yliopisto‘s prototypical Year One (2015/16) was officially launched in Bucharest (Romania) within the frame of E-Motional, in partnership with ODD Gallery and Modulab. The project is now physically installed at Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Finland) in a symbiotic dialogue with the Visual Culture and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) Master degree program. A group of masterclasses, lectures, workshops, group sessions and publications are set to happen throughout the Year One in some cultural and academic institutions across Europe. A new conference-performance/workshop/interactive installation titled COPYWRONG — by Rogério Nuno Costa, Daniel Pinheiro and Fátima São Simão —, a partnership with Creative Commons and Future Places, will premiere in January 2017, along with the publication of Realpolitik™‘s first issue, the official University|Yliopisto e-magazine.

Year Two will kick off in October 2017. More info soon…


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